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To pair with the breakfast tacos, here is the pico de Gallo or “rooster’s beak” salsa I made with @connor.cooks.

There are many stories about its name but my favorite and easiest to remember is: all ingredients need to be cut small enough so a rooster can peck at it with its beak.

This salsa is one of my favorites and brings with it a lot of nostalgia. It was the first thing I learned to make in the kitchen at 12 or 13 years old. My dad has always instilled a sense of independence in us from an early age and cooking is one of those first skills we learned. So there my young brothers and I were making salsa, eggs and quesadillas to familiarize ourselves with the knives and heat in the kitchen. Well, you know where that ended up! 😄( I became a chef)
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Pico de gallo (naturally vegan)

Prep time: 10 minutes
Serves: 2-3

* 2-3 roma tomatoes, chopped
* ¼ red onion, diced
* Handful cilantro, chopped
* 1-2 serrano chiles, minced
* Pinch of salt
* 1 lime, juiced

Mix all ingredients together and salt to taste. It tends to get better as it sits. Can keep in fridge up to a week.

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Breakfast tacos with Connor! Today we made an amazing meal together! The star was pico de Gallo salsa but it would be nothing without some nice breakfast tacos! Connor made his with steak and I made mine with tofu, egg and veggies. Check out Connor’s page to see the beautiful tacos he made! @connor.cooks . Tofu Veggie Scramble with Pico de Gallo and Avocado . Serves 2-3 . * ⅓ lb firm tofu, crumbled * 2 eggs * 5-6 button mushrooms, sliced thin * ¼ onion, sliced thin * 1 small zucchini * Vegetable oil * Corn tortillas * Pico de gallo salsa * Avocado 1. In a large pan, heat some oil and sauté mushrooms first for a couple minutes or slightly golden. Then add onions and zucchini. Cook a couple more minutes or veggies are softened. 2. Then add eggs and cook a minute or two. And then add crumbled tofu and keep stirring until slightly golden brown. Add a pinch or two of salt especially on mushrooms and tofu as you cook them. Take off heat. 3. Heat tortillas and fill tortillas with scramble, then too with salsa and avocado. Eat immediately. (Pico de gallo recipe coming soon) . #tacos #tacosarelife #breakfastacos #tofu #tofuscramble #tofueggs #picodegallo #corntortillas #glutenfree #whole30 #lowcarb #eatclean #instarecipe #instadelcious #socal #mexicanfood #mexicanfoodporn @guerrerotortillas Music: ? Musician: Jef
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