Imagine living the best quality of life like nature intended…all while making delicious meals for you and your family. What’s the secret?

Hi, I’m Chef Joanna and I teach people how to cook to thrive at any age. 

No matter what age you are, if you make some simple changes, it can improve the quality of your life. People in the Blue Zones are outliving the average American by 10 years. (1)

These are the recipes I can teach you. The gateway to health is learning to cook AND enjoying the process. I can help you with that!After 10 years of working in the restaurant industry, I’m more a food counselor than a chef.

Unlike the Chopped contestants you’ll find on the Food Network, I’m about enjoying the process of cooking and making a home- not rushing it. I care about wellness.  

Studying centenarians around the world, we know more or less what helps a person reach a healthy 100. But mainstream America doesn’t promote these messages.

And all I want to do is share these longevity principles that are hidden from you so you can live your best quality of life from this day forward.

Below are some of the cookbooks I wrote and assisted with. The recipes are easy to make and made for the home cook. 

They contain healthy, simple and balanced meals. I also teach LIVE virtual cooking classes if you prefer to learn by cooking together. Happy cooking!

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To your wholesome & healthy life, 


5 x 1 FIT Meal Plan Cookbook

Shop Once, Make 5 Plant-Based Dinners

You CAN cook more inspiring plant-based meals in less time.However, most think that it will take multiple trips to the grocery store and hours of learning new cooking techniques.The key to enjoying your plant-based meals is planning ahead; sitting down to write what you will make for the week.This is a huge time-saver but it intimidates many.This meal plan takes the stress out of planning- it’s already been done for you. Grocery list done. Recipes done. So, you can start to make 5 healthy meals, with just one trip to the grocery store. 

“Joanna is always very thoughtful with the flavor she combines. I love how she’s able to see what’s native to the city or in season and incorporates those flavors/foods into the dishes.”  – Daryl

“Joanna’s meals are amazing! Fresh, healthy, flavourful. She cooks with a variety of spices and has single handedly made me start buying lentils in hopes that I can make them taste like hers.” -Sam

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Overnight Breakfast Recipes 

Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Nut-Free

If eating healthy is important to you and you don’t have time to prepare healthy meals, start with overnight breakfasts!

It’s one of the easiest ways to add a healthy habit to your life. And you will be surprised at the Domino affect eating a healthy breakfast will do for your day. You might have more mental clarity, or you may be inspired to go for a short walk or stretch because you have more energy.

I created this book to give you 5 new recipes for Monday to Friday that you can make the night before. If you start work early or just can’t find time in the morning to prepare breakfasts, this little guide will help you. You even get a grocery list for the week so you can just shop once for these recipes.

All the recipes are vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free so you can be sure you are eating the cleanest stuff.

The best part is that it will give you energy and keep you full for a large part of the day. One student said, “this oatmeal kept me going 7 hours.”

The combination of healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates allow your body to digest efficiently, so you don’t get a blood sugar spike. Eating sugary things for breakfast always gives energy, but then you feel horrible after a few hours. With these recipes, you won’t find refined sugars.

If you want a little stepping stone to eating healthier, start with this book. All you need is to commit 5 minutes the night before and your breakfast is ready for the next day.

I encourage you to do all the recipes for one week. See how you feel at the end of the week. It might just be the most energized you’ve ever felt!

“I’m amazed this week how my energy levels and mood have increased just by following your breakfast challenge. A colleague today said how much I was enjoying life. WOW! – Thank you Joanna.” – Mark

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Moroccan Cookbook

A cookbook on the basics of Moroccan cuisine. Written by a professionally trained chef who spent time in Marrakech, Morocco learning the dishes and immersing herself in culture. Chef Joanna goes through the ABCs so you can feel confident getting started in Moroccan cuisine. You might want to plan a trip to Morocco after reading this travel and culinary adventure recollection.

“Love it. The food is delicious, and super easy to prepare thanks to Chef Joanna!” -Tim

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