7-Day Vegan Breakfast Challenge

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If I’ve learned anything about my years of dieting and trying to live better, it is that new habits shouldn’t be hard. And not only that, they should be fun. 
The reason children have such enthusiasm to try new things and learn quickly is often because they are having fun. If we want to succeed, we need to think like a kid. We have to make a game of it at times. 

What is it? Why?

This proposal to eat Vegan Breakfasts for 7 days is less of a challenge and more of a game. It is meant to get you thinking differently about the way you eat. Let it question if you like eating vegan, and either continue or stop. And of course there are many in-betweens. If you need to adjust, adjust. 

Eating vegan in small chunks is much more accessible for the average person. That’s the idea of this challenge. You have to go for the small wins in life when you are trying to change some habit about yourself. Then, go for bigger and bigger wins.

Go ahead and eat non-vegan the rest of the day. But, you will feel great starting your day in a more conscious way. Who knows what it will lead to. Does it matter? Have fun with it and see how you feel after a week. 

If you need any inspiration, visit this beautiful Canadian woman who talks so eloquently and in a caring, supportive way. She in no way makes you feel guilty about maintaining a flexible diet (like myself). If you have been in the vegan world at all, you’ve probably already have seen her very popular Youtube channel. 

Sadia at Pick Up Limes

Back to the challenge… 

Now you might already be eating vegan breakfasts and don’t even know it. A lot of people eat cereal with plant-based milks. That’s vegan! But, if you are eating egg and bacon sandwiches, than this might be a big change. 

I want to speak to the first group. If you are eating cereals, that’s great. But, this challenge will help you incorporate more fruits and maybe even vegetables into your breakfasts or other meals throughout the day. 
The best thing about the vegan diet, is that at the end of the day, if we “win” or “fail” (no one actually wins or fails, but it the best way to conceptualize it), it teaches us that we CAN eat more fruits and vegetables. We CAN make it our choice to learn to how to shop, prepare, and cook more plant-based meals. So that’s a win for everyone. 
Below I have provided a link to to a mini-ebook on Vegan Breakfasts. It is free because you are on my site! Thanks for visiting. 

Vegan Breakfast Recipes for Beginners

There are also more recipes and resources here: Vegan Resources

I am doing this challenge with you too! I just want to add the day-to-day breakfast I have eaten duting the challenge. Hopefully it will give you some easy and helpful tips for your breakfasts 🙂

Day 1:
  • 1/2 banana
  • 2 Tablespoons peanut butter
  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • handful of raspberries
Day 2: 
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 Tablespoon peanut butter, dusting of 100% cocoa powder
Day 3: 
  • Avocado toast with sea salt and fresh salsa
  • a few almonds

Day 4:

  • 2 pieces toast: one with avocado, sea salt and cherry tomatoes and one with raspberry jam
  • a few almonds
Day 5: 
  • Dave’s bread toast with olive oil
Day 6: 
  • Avocado toast with cherry tomatoes and a side of fresh raspberries
Day 7: 
Please leave comments below if you are taking on the 7-Day Vegan Breakfast challenge, and if you have any struggles, comments, or suggestions for others. Remember to share your intentions with your loved ones and friends. Find the support you need. You never know how you living a better life may affect others 🙂
May the veg be with you. 
All the best on your healthy journey. 
<3  Joanna 

For more vegan recipes, see the links below: 

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