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Fig season is here! And while eating figs plain and simple is a summer delight, it’s a chefs dream to get their hands on in-season produce. The challenge is on to make it the best-thing-you-ever-tasted kind of food.
This creation is a start! It’s simple and elegant. This fig needs no help. It’s sweet and delicious. So I went for the most hands-off approach. 
The result is a simple stuffed fig with some nuts and honey. The nuts add a crunch and salty bite to contrast soft and sweet fig. (Great food is always about texture and flavor contrasts). And with the ricotta in there, it feels like you are eating nature’s truffle. 
Here’s the simple recipe. Next time I’ll use cashew cream to make it vegan. Try this same recipe with other stone fruits like peaches, nectarines, blackberries this summer. And to be extra, grill them first. Well, not the berries.

Stuffed Figs with Ricotta, Pistachio and Honey

Ingredients (for 1): 

* 1 ripe fig
* 1 spoon ricotta (or Greek yogurt)
* 1 T roasted and salted pistachio, chopped fine 
* Drizzle of honey or other sweetener 


Cut the fig in a criss-cross from stem, but just ¾ the way down to keep fig in tact. Spoon ricotta in center of fig. Top with pistachio and drizzle with honey. For extra crunch, dip bottom of fig in honey and then fine pistachio crumbles. Eat immediately. 

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