Unreal Green Goddess Sauce to Put on Everything

Can’t stop eating this vegan green goddess sauce. Put it on pasta, roasted veggies or use as a dip. It’s creamy and delicious (without any dairy) and has a little kick! This is for when your body has revolted and just can’t do pesto any more. Sorry, dairy- we can’t be friends anymore. Make this… Continue reading Unreal Green Goddess Sauce to Put on Everything

Banana Vegan Pancakes

Today, I am excited to announce a fellow blogger who shares a passion for a plant-based diet.  I contacted Sherry, at thatmillennialvegan.com to see if there was a way we could work together and give both our audiences something they wanted. Sherry suggested a brunch recipe, which thrilled me. Breakfast and brunch are my favorite meals.  This… Continue reading Banana Vegan Pancakes