Vegan Chocolate Bark 🌱 with with Lena | Recipes in the Quarantine

This vegan chocolate bark recipe  is a gift from cookbook author, Lena. She wrote the book Vegan Armenian Kitchen, an amazing fear in itself to turn a meat-loving country vegan!

 I met with her in February in Glendale,CA to get my book signed by her!

When she accepted my invite to join me on the Simple Cooking Cooking Show on IGLive I was so excited! She is a mini celebrity in the Armenian cookbook world and an inspiration to eat more plant-based. So this recipe and the time with her was truly a gift. 
This is her go-to chocolate recipe that is like a candy bar, fudge, or a sauce she puts over her ice cream. Top it with bits, coconut or her favorite- puffed quinoa to make it yours! 
Catch Lena on Instagram @veganarmeniankitchen

Vegan Chocolate Bark



  • Dried fruits, nuts, seeds, salt


Melt coconut oil (I do this 20sec in the microwave) and mix with cocoa and maple syrup or agave and extract. Mix well then place in a small container or on a piece of parchment for thinner pieces. Place in the fridge or freezer for 10-15 minutes. Then, take out and cut and enjoy as candy bars. 
If you want it on ice cream, use it right away. It will harden on top of ice cream be be crunchy. 

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