Quesotaco by Connor.cooks

The incredible quesadilla. I grew up eating these for Sunday brunch with eggs and veggies. They go with everything and are a kid’s favorite. Connor and I made these today and Connor showed us how to make a « queso taco » where the cheese crisps up to make the shell. It gives an extra crunch that no one can resist!
Connor feeds these quesadillas to his young son several times a day because he loves them so much and doesn’t always like to eat protein. So, this has become Connor’s go-to preparation for him. Sometimes Connor tries to sneak chicken in the quesadilla to get him to eat more. And sometimes it works!
I paired this cheesy snack with a salsa en molcajete. It’s 3 roasted tomatoes, 1 roasted Serrano chile and 1 roasted garlic clove. Mash them together or put them in the food processor with a bit of salt and you’re good to go. Spicy hit with a cheese bite. The best Mexican combo. 
Thank you Connor for cooking with me today and sharing the future of @connor.cooks. You shared a personal story that resonated with me and others too. Thank you 🤗 
Also, thank you for sharing a lesser known fact about pre-shredded cheese. It is coated with something that prevents it from melting as good as shredding cheese fresh. I didn’t realize that but I know I can go to you for my cheese questions!

Quesotaco by Connor


* 1-2 tortillas, flour preferably 
* Couple tablespoons shredded cheese
Mozzarella, cheddar, provolone or other melty cheese


In a nonstick pan, heat tortillas a few minutes. Then, add cheese on one half of each tortilla. Fold tortilla over and cook briefly on medium to low heat until cheese melts. Then, place some cheese directly into the pan in a small area and cook until golden. Then place quesadilla directly onto melted cheese. Cook until golden and crispy. Cut into wedges.
Serve with fresh cut veggies, salad or a salsa.

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