Grab Your Nuts

Don’t you hate feeling sleepy at work!? 🙁
Sometimes I can’t make it all the way to lunch without feeling tired.
It’s so easy to grab some leftover Halloween candy that you find lying around or maybe making another cup of coffee.
But that never really does it. You feel exhausted and you can’t wait for work to be over.
So instead of feeling tired and trying to make it to your next 15 minute break, I have one recommendation…
Eat like the President!
Former President Obama stressed the importance of keeping his physical and mental energy at its peak.
And as a result he made it a point to do this one thing…
Grab his nuts. And he always made sure it was a healthy handful.

“You know, almonds are a good snack; I strongly recommend them.” 

– President Obama
Not only do they protect your brain, but they also give you lasting energy.
And if you keep up the habit you might even experience some weight loss and reduce your bad cholesterol.
It’s incredible what a handful of nuts a day can do. 
  • Protects your brain
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Manages your blood sugar levels
  • Reduces hunger, making you eat less
So whenever you’re feeling low on energy, don’t grab a sugary treat…
Grab your nuts, and grab a handful. 
Raw, roasted, or toasted. It will keep you healthy and happy.
To your healthy handful,

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