Cute Little Grandma

About a month ago I received a text from my cousin Paloma. 
It was a link to a cooking show on YouTube, and she said I had to watch it!
So I clicked the link and the first thing I saw was the comments overflowing with the same message… 
How much they loved the Chef. 
Everyone couldn’t wait to see what she would cook next. 
I did not wanna miss this, so I played the video…
Do you know what all the excitement was about!?

A cute little grandma making traditional dishes inside of her home in Mexico… 

It was inspiring! 
And it speaks to what I believe food really is, a way for us to connect and show each other how much we care. 
Because, whether it’s a simple plate of toast, scrambled eggs, or just a little coffee, one meal can make a difference.
One meal with the right intention can change the world. 
Although simple, food carries with it the ability to transfer the right connection, love and energy whenever we serve it.
Click here and watch the cute little grandma that’s inspiring me, and the rest of the world to serve with their hearts (She just got her plaque for 1 Million Subscribers and is about to hit 2 Million very soon. And she did it all in just 2 months!).
To More Love In Our Food,

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