How to Remove Bitterness From Garlic and Mince Easily

Many people don’t know this, but if you don’t handle garlic the right way, it will end up tasting bitter.

What’s the trick?

Inside most garlic, especially if it’s been sitting on the counter a bit, there is a green shoot. You need to remove this, otherwise it can make your food taste bitter.

How do you do this?

Easy, just split the garlic in halve and remove the inner green part. It comes out easily in one piece. Discard it and put it in the trash or compost. Now, your garlic is ready to go!

If you want another chef tip keep reading…

The easiest way to mince garlic is adding salt to it on the cutting board. If you rub a large knife pressing down on the garlic, the garlic will break down into a paste. The salt helps it break down, so you don’t have to sweat trying to mince the garlic into tiny pieces. Make a paste instead. Just cut back on the salt on whatever you’re adding it to, and there you go!

WATCH the video here (about a minute)

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