An Easy NEGATIVE Calorie Snack

Many Americans don’t enjoy these zero-calorie snack but Italians know it well. The best thing is that you can find it at Trader Joe’s.

What is it?


Fennel is part of the anise/liquorice family so it has a faint memory of that flavor. But, as a liquorice hater myself, I still love the taste of fennel. It’s super good for your digestion and once you learn how to handle it (it’s easy, you can eat it raw), you can add one more vegetable to your diet. .

The first thing you want to do it cut off the top fronds. They are the leafy parts that are the herb, dill. Remove and you can reserve them for garnish, salad, or make pesto. .

Then, cut the fennel in half. This will reveal the root inside. Remove the outer layer of the fennel. You can either throw it away or put it into a soup. It is just a bit harder than the inside. .

Then, cut out the triangle-shaped root and throw it out. .

Now, you can cut the fennel in slices, squeeze some lemon and salt on it, or just eat it plain. It’s refreshing, curbs hunger, and is likely to burn calories. So, enjoy. It lasts in the fridge a couple days. .

Here’s a video if you’re intimated to take this veggie on! I break it down for you in just over a minute.

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