Healthy and easy Wednesday night kind of Meal Planning

Polenta Crusted Chicken
Fajitas on a George Foreman grill

You’re probably like me in that trying to find healthy recipes, you instead find recipes for 20+ ingredients requiring fancy kitchen gadgets like spiralizers or food processors. I am a trained chef, but when I come home, I don’t want to cook fancy. I also don’t want to spend lots of money on exotic ingredients for a weeknight. I want to get the meal on the table in under an hour for my family. And I want it to be healthy. No processed ingredients.

This list is a cheat sheet for me, and maybe for you on what to make for the week. I started creating more recipes on this blog that fall into the genre “Wednesday-style cooking,” meaning that recipes are easy enough for non-cooks to follow. There’s enough inspiration in these recipes for me too, getting flavor from Asia and Mexico to change it up, instead of boring baked chicken every day. 
I hope you find them helpful and can serve your family in a way that saves you time in planning and hunting down healthy recipes that are just simple. 
Many of these recipes are gluten-free and are plant-forward. The best way to describe them are “Flexitarian” emphasizing smaller amounts of animal products and more vegetables. To me, this is balanced. 
Click on the links to be directed to the recipe. All the best on your healthy journey for you and your family! Great job for taking action to a better lifestyle. 


Chicken Piccata with pasta or make it gluten-free with zucchini, green beans, or mushrooms


Salmon Bowl. You can also substitute for shrimp, white fish, tofu, or stir-fry beef.


Turkey burgers.
Can make gluten-free on lettuce.


Steak with chiles. For kids, just use roasted bell peppers instead to avoid spicy.
Serve with Mexican rice, tortillas, or salad. 


Polenta crusted chicken Serve with pesto pasta or grilled asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, or peppers


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