4 Hot Diets Explained

Paleo or Caveman 

Focus: Eliminate highly processed foods and have lots of fruits and vegetables 

Foods to eat: Lean meat, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds 

Avoid: Dairy and sugar 

Plate composition: 
  • 50% green and non-starchy vegetables
  • 20% starchy veg, beans and grains
  • 10% fat 
  • 20% protein


Focus: Purpose to achieve balance in your life. Plant based diet, high fiber is good for heart health and to prevent chronic disease. 

Foods to eat: Main meal items include whole grains, vegetables, beans, fresh fish and seafood. Limited: dairy, eggs, refined sugars, and meats. 

Avoid: Caffeinated or alcohol drinks 

Plate composition
  • 40-60% organically grown whole grains like brown rice, barley, oats
  • 20-30% locally grown vegetables
  • 5-10% for beans and bean products like tofu and seaweed

Unconventional tip: Sing a happy song!


Focus: High fat, low-carb diet. Burn fat by eating fatty foods!

Foods to eat: Coconut oil, avocado oil, fatty fish, sustainably-sourced meats and dairy. 

Avoid: Processed foods, starches, root vegetables, fruits, and added sugars. 

Plate composition: 
  • 5% carbohydrates
  • 15-25% protein
  • 75% fat

Unconventional tip: Have coffee or tea with cream. Butter, cream, and saturated fats from meat is okay. 

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Focus: Eat primarily plant-based foods and replace butter with extra virgin olive oil. A diet should be non-restrictive and tasty. A great long-term diet solution.  

Foods to eat: Eat fish 2x week. Whole grains, pasta and rice are fine in moderate amounts. Choose low-fat dairy. Eat local and seasonal produce for best nutrition and taste.

Avoid: Meat only a couple times a month. 

Plate composition: 
  • 23% non-starchy vegetables
  • 20%fruit 
  • 18% low-fat dairy
  • 5% meat, fish and eggs
  • 4% beans 
  • 2% nuts, seeds and fats

Unconventional tip: Enjoy meals with friends and family. 1 glass red wine with dinner. 

*Most balanced diet. 

Scientific studies consistently show that the Mediterranean diet can improve your health and lower your risk for chronic diseases. Studies also show that adopting the Mediterranean diet can reverse such illnesses such as heart disease and type II diabetes.(1)(2)

1.  “Scientific evidence of interventions using the Mediterranean diet: a systematic review.
“2006 Feb;64(2 Pt 2):S27-47.
2. Kris Gunnars. “5 Studies on The Mediterranean Diet – Does it Really Work?”

More on diet and wellness: 

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