3 Deadly Ingredients in the American Diet

I used to think I was eating healthy. As healthy as I could at least…

But, I was wrong.
There are childhood favorites that I seem to magnetize to when I go to the grocery store. That’s probably why I love shopping at Trader Joe’s, because I am not victim to 20+ years of brand loyalty and kids commercials saying “eat me”. 
I still indulge in my occasional mini fruit loops box, ketchup, and Kraft macaroni and cheese. I don’t know if I’ll ever shake those for good. 
But anyway, I was buying one of my favorite English Muffins today, you know the ones with the orange and white boxes, but I stopped. When I read the ingredients I had to put them down. See what I ended up buying later in this post.

Like many of my favorite childhood foods, it contains soybean oil. 
While many claim it is “heart-healthy”, those in the nutrition community know it is not. Soybeans are a big GMO crop, and soybean oil is a highly processed food that has adverse effects on our body. In short, it escalates the omega-6 levels in our body and can create more inflammation => chronic illness. 
Why is it in everything then?
Because farmers get an incentive from the government for farming more of it, like corn. Hence, taking us to the next culprit, high fructose corn syrup. 
There is nothing good about this product, and many of you probably already know that. It can create insulin resistenace, which can lead to obesity. It is a marker of poor quality food, with little nutrients. 
The important thing to note, is that it is hidden in SO many of our foods. The only way we can find it is by reading our labels. Look here, at one of my favorite condiments.

High fructose corn syrup was created, like many things in America, for monetary gains. It is cheaper than producing regular, cane sugar. The irony is, its cheaper to produce, but may be causing the health crisis in America today, which is probably far more expensive! But business is business, and all they want to do is hide it in our products to sell more of it. 
Will you take the stance against eating high fructose corn syrup? A simple change may save your health down the line. 
The last processed food ingredient to stay away from is palm oil. This is a double-punch. Health-wise no good, and environmentally no good either. It is one of the leading causes of deforestation in the world. 
I remember watching Leonardo di Caprio’s documentary where he visited the people in Indonesia and saw their forests burning from a small airplane above. He was horrified, and so was I. 
You can view a clip here
If this is not a reason to stop eating palm oil, I don’t know what is. In addition to its environmental effects, it’s high in saturated fat. 
How do I stop eating palm oil?
Look for it in cookies, packaged baked goods, Nutella, donuts, and instant noodle cups- anything that stays on the shelf for a LONG time. 
The problem with all these ingredients is simple.

1. Soybean oil 
2. High fructose corn syrup 
3. Palm oil 

Eating them cause inflammation in our bodies. The more we eat, the more inflammation. And what is inflammation? It is either disease or chronic illness, something your body can no longer fight off. 

Fuel your body with unprocessed, whole foods, and it can fight off almost anything.

Which leads us to the question, what did I end up buying instead of Thomas English Muffins?

Dave’s bread!

Thanks to my brother for the recommendation. See what family can do!

Check out the nutrition on this loaf of bread. Full of healthy seeds, whole grains, and natural sugars your body knows how to process. I’m looking for more foods like this!

I know I have to be more vigilant about the products I buy. Corporate grocery America is not looking out for us, or our health, or our environment. We must look after ourselves, friends and family. 
Every choice we make has an effect on the food industry, and every friend, family, co-worker, or stranger you tell, or sees you eating something better will have an impact on changing it. 
One food choice at a time. Now, go out there and take control of your next meal. 

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