Armenian Menu

Being Patriotic for Memorial Day and prideful for Cinco de Mayo, I felt like I was missing something very special to me on this blog, and that is being Armenian. Armenian culture continually teaches me strength and courage as I grow older. Contrary to popular belief, all Armenians are not like the Kardashian family. We have strong morals and values that can actually be alienating from American culture. The Armenian people have endured hardship, like many other cultures, but continue to be resilient. With an emphasis on family, hard work, and big celebrations, it is a joy to call myself Armenian. 

These are a few of the recipes I have been so blessed to learn from family and hope to pass down, and perhaps inspire others to taste some of the Armenian culture. 

Spinach Patties

Mediterranean Skewers

Greek Mezze Trio (Hummus & Dips)

Date & Almond Truffles

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