Behind the Scenes of a French Dinner Party

Here’s a behind the scenes look of the “One Night in Paris”dinner party.


The Inspiration


I’ll admit I just finished watching the show The Bear and it made me miss the fine dining industry. So, I wanted to do a classic French menu and give guests the most Michelin starred experience I could. 


The menu was also an ode to my time spent in Paris some 10 years ago. Since finishing training in France, I spent more time cooking Italian and Mediterranean food over the years. But for this night, I wanted to take it back to the basics.


A bit more preparation goes into a French menu. It’s more technical but it’s satisfying when executed well. It took more time and preparation but we did it!


Thanks again to @groundsandcrumbs for helping with this more intensive menu. It was a success 🥳


Here’s the menu:


One Night in Paris

Hours d’oeuvres

Summer squash and ricotta tart

Ratatouille tartlette



Amuse buse 

Strawberry Champagne granita


Le Pain

Country sourdough

Raisin-walnut sourdough with orange

Rosemary Foccacia

Herb Butter



Salade with fine herbs

Apricot shallot dressing

Candied walnuts  

Bleu Cheese 


Plat Principal

Ribeye Steak frites

Potato purée 

Assorted Vegetables

Shoestring potatoes 

Sauce verte 

Flower petals 



Crepes Suzette with orange butter

Profiterole with vanilla bean pastry cream and dark chocolate sauce


Petit Four

Lemon Shortbread by @groundsandcrumbs


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