Strawberry Tiramisu | Simple Cooking Cooking Show Anniversary with Marta

Any tiramisu lovers in the house?! The classic is made with espresso and is my all time favorite dessert. Here’s a delicious variation made with strawberries, pineapple juice and pistachio. Marta’s Italian and taught it to me so it must be allowed! 😂
It was so fun to rejoin with @martascooking today. It’s been nearly a month since we cooked together. Today we got to celebrate a year of cooking together on our famous SIMPLE COOKING COOKING SHOW. (We both have cardboard signs hanging in our kitchen) Our energy has kept each other going- on what has been a rough time on the food/hospitality and tourism businesses. 
Most of our show today was conversation and catching up on our new projects.Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel to do so. I know I’ll be planning a trip to Siena soon. Anyone want to come?!
Until then, you can cook the classic tiramisu with Marta over zoom. It’s a guaranteed fun night together with your partner or family. Marta is a pro and she takes you straight to Siena with her warmth and passion for her Tuscan family recipes. Message her if you want more info on Tiramisu classes! @martascooking 
We’ll cook again in 2 weeks. Don’t miss us on the next Simple Cooking Cooking Show! If you want to see a special recipe message us 😊

Where’s the recipe?

I can’t give away the full recipe here because its Marta’s! 
But…if you know how to make the classic Tiramisu, its very similar. 
Just change out the espresso for pineapple juice. Layer with strawberries
A hint of vanilla extract in the cream would go nicely, too. 
Top with some crushed pistachios. Strawberries and pistachios love each other. 
Make them a day ahead and store tiramsu in the fridge overnight. This makes it 10X better! For regular tiramisu or strawberry tiramisu. 
(See the last video of the post to see how I assemble it)
egg whites must be very stiffly whipped
tilt and no move test
now put it over your head, it shouldn’t fall out!

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