Homemade Gnocchi by Marta

The infamous potato dumpling from Italy…Gnocchi!!🥔
Marta @martascooking taught me how to make these delicious little pillows of delight on our live today (video at bottom of post). Like many Italian recipes, the ingredients are minimal- potato, flour, salt and sometimes egg. But it’s all about the technique! Watch the Live video to see Marta’s step-by-step instructions. 
I served mine with pesto and Marta made a quattro formaggi (4 cheese) sauce for hers.
They are a treat!
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Gnocchi by Marta

Ingredients (serves 4):

* 500g boiled Yukon gold potatoes, with peel
* 75g all purpose flour
* 75g bread flour
* Pinch of salt


Boil potatoes for 30-40 minutes, or until fork tender. Then peel while hot. Use a potato ricer or other smasher to smash potatoes. 
Add flour and salt to potatoes and work dough until no longer sticky. It’s a delicate dough. You may need to add more flour if it sticks to your fingers.
Cut a lemon-sized piece of the dough and then roll into a rope ½” thickness. Cut the rope to ½” each. Set aside gnocchi on a floured plate.
You can freeze them at this point. They keep well. To cook, bring a pot of water to boil and salt the water. Drop gnocchi in gently and cook until they float to the top (a few minutes). Toss with sauce and enjoy!

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