5-ingredient Vegan Avocado Cup Salad (gluten-free)

This recipe could not be simpler. I was inspired to make this because this avocado was the perfect size, nice and small to be a little salad cup.

The salad also covered up the little browning of the avocado. It was the perfect poolside treat. It made me feel nice and light but energized. Avocado does that. and makes you feel satisfied with just a few bites.

5-ingredient Vegan Avocado Cup Salad 

Ingredients for 1 cup:

• 1 cucumber, small dice
• 1 tomato, small dice
• ½ lemon, juiced
• ½ avocado
• Salt or #everythingbutthebagel seasoning, to taste
(Add cooked quinoa to make it a meal)


Mix up everything but the avocado. Then, spoon the salad into the 1/2 avocado and eat!

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