Growing Sprouts 101 with Danielle: Recipes in the Quarantine

Fresh sprouts in 6 days!

Today on the Simple Cooking Cooking Show via Instagram LIVE I teamed up with Danielle of to learn about sprouts! (Video at bottom of post)

She is an expert on the topic an I learned so much as a sprout beginner! It’s a great skill to take up now to become more self-sustainable and have a ready supply of packed nutrition. Sprouts are always grown inside and take about 5 days. Check out the video for all the great tips Danielle shared with us!

To grow your own sprouts:

  • 32 oz. sterilized glass jar
  • 1 Tbsp. seeds (broccoli, mustard and clover are Danielle’s favorites but you can use almost any seed or bean)
  • Water
  • Metal screen or cheese cloth 


1.Place seeds and water in the jar. Seal with the cheese cloth or metal screen.

2. Let seeds sit in cold water 8-12 hours and then rinse. Dump the water and tilt jar on the side so no water remains. The seeds should be separated and stick to the sides of the jar.

3. Rinse and dump water completely twice a day, morning and night. Always drain and tilt jar on its side. Do this for about 5 days or until sprouts form.

*do not put jars in direct sunlight or mold may form and sprouts will not work as expected. Keep jar inside away from direct sunlight in a relatively cool spot. If it’s too warm, change water 3x a day.

4. After 3-6 days your sprouts should be ready. They are ready when a green shoot starts to appear from the seed.

Wash well and remove the hulls, or the hard brown shells from the seeds. When sprouts form, rinse thoroughly under cold water and dry. Then, store in fridge wrapped well in paper towels to prevent excess moisture.They are best eaten immediately or store them in paper towels in the fridge.

Enjoy small sprouts on sandwiches and the larger ones(like lentil) in soups.

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Or for jars and special Mixes

Day 1
Day 3
day 4
day 6
clean the hulls from the sprouts
dry them well

eat! I like them in sandwiches

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