Simple Turkey Panino


1.Saute turkey cutlets lightly season with garlic salt. 
2. To assemble the panino, I used a small amount of mayo, dijon mustard, and peporocino, mozzarella slices, some lettuce, and tomato. But, you can mix it up and use pesto, marinara sauce, mixed greens or make it all veggie.
3. Then grill it up in your panini grill. If you don’t have a fancy panini grill place it in a hot frying pan and press a heated, smaller pan on top of the panino. It is finished when the cheese melts.

4. Add some parsley for garnish, wine to drink, and mangiate (eat in Italian)! The panino is probably best served sliced. Slice diagonally to form 2 triangles and then arrange one on top of the other for an even better presentation.

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