6 Quick & Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

45-second Egg Sandwich

No need to go to the local drive-thru for this popular breakfast! It will take you less time to prepare this egg sandwich at home than it will take you to wait in line at the drive-thru, not to mention save you calories! The secret to the 45-second egg sandwich is that it is quickly… Continue reading 45-second Egg Sandwich

5 Best Fall Breakfasts to Spice Up Your Life

Fall has officially begun! Shape up with these healthy breakfasts! My Photo Page Overnight Steel Cut Oats Breakfast Burrito Vegetable Frittata Blueberry Greek Yogurt Sunday Brunch Scramble Greek Yogurt Smoothie Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes Hash Browns P B & J Muffins Vanilla Chia Pudding

Overnight Steel Cut Oats

Steel-cut oats top the list of healthiest breakfast foods. They’re minimally processed, nutrient rich, and they digest more slowly than rolled oats so you don’t feel you need to reach for the sugar or snacks at 10 am. However, these oats take forever to cook a full 30 minutes, which is a problem especially on… Continue reading Overnight Steel Cut Oats

English Muffin Pizza

I have fond memories of these little pizzas. On Saturday mornings after soccer games, my mom and brothers and I would head to Grandma’s house to cool down, relax, and eat! We had big appetites after those games. The quickest thing she could put together were these little pizzas (she still has no microwave oven… Continue reading English Muffin Pizza