How to make Atole with Masa Harina | Aztec sweet corn drink

Atole (ah-TOH-leh) is a corn drink that dates back to Aztec civilization.

Of course, they did not use sweetened condensed milk like I did here. They probably used “piloncillo,” the cones of brown sugar you can get in Mexican grocery stores. 
Feel free to use piloncillo or brown sugar in place of condensed milk if you want a more whole food approach. You can forgo the dairy completely, and just use water like it was originally made, too. 
Use flavorings like cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate as an alternative to flavor with less sugar. 
However you prepare it, it will be a filling, rich drink. Drink it in the morning to have energy throughout the day, like you would oatmeal. 

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Family request: refreshing Horchata. 🇲🇽 So I had to make it and serve it in these clay @josecuervotequila cups. It keeps it cool longer. 🥶This is the quickest recipe for Horchata because it’s made with oats instead of rice. Thank you @pepe25_99 and for this recipe! . Horchata de Avena (Fastest Horchata Recipe Ever) Ingredients: * 1 cup rolled oats * 2 cups + 5 cups cold water * 1/2 cinnamon stick, broken up (or 1 tsp. Cinnamon) * 1/3 cup sugar * 1 tsp. Vanilla Directions: In a blender, place 2 cups of the water with oats and cinnamon stick. Blend for a minute or so. Strain mixture and keep liquid. Discard strained oats and cinnamon. Then, add remaining cold water, sugar, and vanilla to blended liquid. Taste. . Add more sugar if you want it sweeter, or more water for less sweet. . Serve cold with ice. Dust some cinnamon on top, or serve with cinnamon stick. #horchata #mexicanfood #josecuervo #mexican #glutenfree #instarecipes #instagood #instadrink #refreshing #summer2020

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