Cool Avocado Fan Trick How-To | Make Instagrammable Meals

You are 1-minute away from making all your bowls, tacos, and salads look incredible and Insta-grammable. 

Pay close attention, the avocado fan trick. With a few simple cuts, you’ll be a fan. 
I first learned this trick working at a gastropub in Malibu. One of the most popular lunch menu items was the Chicken Protein Salad. It was some farro/brown rice medley with lettuce and shredded chicken. 
Each salad was topped with this beautiful jade fan to make a statement for an otherwise messy, hodge podge of a healthy California salad. 

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Hope you enjoy it. See the video below. 

 The basic technique is this: 

1. Start with a small wedge
2. Scoop out the avocado
3. Cut ¾ slits into the wedge, leaving the last ¼ in tact
4. Carefully, fan out the slices

You can also use this same technique to make Strawberry Fans! Use the whole strawberry, though, not a wedge. 

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