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Stuck at home, cooking for yourself during the COVID lockdown?

At this point we don’t know when things are *actually* going to be normal again and when we can eat at our favorite restaurants again.

There is a silver lining, though.

You can use this time to learn how to cook healthier with cooking courses.

Imagine feeling more energized and free of aches and pains by just cooking a little better.

Studies show that eating a 95% plant-based diet increases your chances of living a long, healthy life. It has even been shown to reverse some chronic illness, too.

Plant-based eating works:

  • Heart surgeon, Dr. Wareham of Loma Linda, California decided to become vegan in his 50s, after he noticed meat eaters’ arteries were filled with plaque and the plant eaters’ arteries were clean and flexible. He retired in his mid 90’s and lived to be 104 years old

  • In Costa Rica, 100-year-old cowboy, José Bonafacio Villegas starts each day with rice, beans and tortillas and rides his horse every day (Adding 1 cup of beans a day can add 4 years to your life)

  • The Melis’ were the world’s longest lived family, in Sardinia, Italy (nine-siblings with a collective 852 years) and ate minestrone soup everyday. Their version was Herbed Lentil Minestrone with Wild Fennel.

These are the recipes I want to teach you. 100% plant-based meals so you can see what a difference it has in your life.

Whether you go 60, 70 or 90% plant-based- it’s is up to you. I won’t judge!

Just learning a few more techniques for cooking vegetables will drastically change your cooking game, and can improve the quality of your life.

Our new ‘Cook to 100’ program includes:

  • An introduction into plant-based cooking (no meat, no dairy)
  • 4 Live cooking sessions per month via Zoom
  • Mini-tutorials in the kitchen, i.e. knife skills, healthy cooking techniques like steam, saute, bake, grill, cooking time savers and more

Unsure if this program is right for you?

Check out my Instagram or Facebook page to see if my cooking style resonates with you. 


Message cook@chefjoannas.com or use the form here and I’ll tell you more about the ‘Cook to 100’ program!

What past students have said:

It was so fun! I am really enjoying it and feeling more empowered and more motivated to learning how to cook. You are very patient and kind and that makes me at ease. I was so proud yesterday. Thank you so much!!
-Marisa (Cook to 100 student)

“My favorite thing about Joanna’s class was her focus on simple and delicious. Everything Joanna taught us used fresh ingredients and focused on bringing out those flavors. Most of the dishes were only a few ingredients, but incredibly tasty. . .
She created a great environment and knew how to instruct without being overbearing or pushy. She’s an amazing teacher, with a great background and qualifications to match. I would highly recommend her class.”- Tyler

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