Vegan Armenian Potato Salad 🌱🥔 With Lena | The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook

Thank you Lena for sharing this recipe from your cookbook @veganarmeniancookbook It’s delicious and light- a perfect side for any grilled dish. Another beautifully simple and healthful recipe from Lena. It can be prepared ahead of time before guests arrive so it makes a great dish for any gathering. .

Vegan Armenian Potato Salad 🌱🥔

 from the Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook pg.91


Served 6-8
—7 Yukon gold potatoes
—Coarse sea salt to taste
—Red pepper optional
—3 Tbsp lemon juice
—5 Tbsp olive oil
—3 to 5 green onions, halved and finely chopped
—¼ bunch parsley, finely chopped


Boil potatoes until soft 12-15 minutes. Peel while still warm. Halve them and place in dish cut side facing up. Sprinkle salt and red pepper if using. Pour lemon juice on top and let sit 1-2 minutes. Then, cube potato into fourths. Gently stir everything as to not break up the potato. Serve immediately or let marinate a couple hours in the fridge. Right before serving, toss carefully and finish with a little olive oil for shine..

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