Mexican Chicken Wrap & Agua de Jamaica with Lorena | Recipes in the Quarantine

Yes, another cousin of mine and great cook! Lorena showed us a Mexican chicken wrap and her famous agua de Jamaica- a beloved purple Mexican drink.

Who said Mexican food couldn’t be healthy? We basically made a chicken wrap and shoved the whole produce drawer in it! (Okay this is not authentic Mexican food for all the purists out there) 
The base of this wrap is a chipotle-mayo to bring it all together but we added a bunch of veggies like cucumber, spinach, peppers, red onion, avocado and more. As long as you can get the burrito to close, add more veggies is my motto!
The key here is to use the large tortillas or “tortilla grandes.” I found that when you fill it and cut it in half, it could feed two people- women at least. 
I was a little extra and wrapped my wrap in parchment paper to hold it together more and get that ultimate “cafeteria” look. I even served it with chips and an orange to humor myself over lunch. 
…And don’t forget the famous Mexican purple drink, Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tea) that rivals Horchata in Mexican. It can be made sweet or unsweetened. It is the ultimate refresher. I like mine unsweetened with a little lime squirt inside. 
The recipe and video are here! Enjoy this Mexican style lunch. 

Mexican Chicken Wrap 

Ingredients: (for 1 wrap)

—Green flour tortilla grande 
— 1 chicken breast, cooked 
—grated mozzarella cheese 
—purple onion 
—green & red peppers 
—green slices jalapeño peppers 
—(optional) mayonnaise & chipotle peppers in adobo sauce


1. First, make the chipotle-mayo. Mix about ¼ mayo with 2 Tbsp. chipotle pepper sauce. You can cut up a chipotle pepper too if you want a little texture. 
2. Then, slice and dice all your veggies and chicken.
3. Heat the tortilla briefly on a comal or nonstick pan, just 30 seconds or so, until soft. 
4. Then, spread 2 spoons of the chipotle-mayo mixture on the tortilla. Place the sliced chicken first. Then, top with all your other ingredients. 
5. Move all the ingredients to the center and fold up first, then tuck in the sides. Keep rolling while you tuck in the sides. Make it as tight as you can. 
6. Then, get a square of parchment or wax paper. Place the burrito on the corner and wrap the paper around the burrito the same way you wrapped the burrito. 
7. Cut on the diagonal with a serrated knife. Eat and enjoy, peeling away paper as needed. 

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Agua de Jamaica (Water of Hibiscus Flower)

Ingredients: (1 pitcher)

—2 cups Dried hibiscus flowers 
— ½ cup sugar 
— 6 cups water 


1. Bring 3 cups water to boil in a pot. Then, place the hibiscus flower in the water and boil for just 5 minutes. Then, turn off heat. Let flowers steep (sit in water) 5 minutes. 
2. Using a strainer, strain flowers from water (being careful not to splash and stain yourself). 
3. Add the sugar to the strained water and mix in to dissolve. 
4. Then, pour into a pitcher and add 3 cups more cold water and ice. Serve room temperature or chilled. 

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Thank you to my cousin @lorelopez.2010 for these healthy and simple recipes: Mexican Chicken Wrap and Agua de Jamaica. 🇲🇽Who said Mexican food can’t be healthy? In this wrap, you’ll find cucumber, red onion, cilantro, bell pepper, chicken breast and a light chipotle-mayo spread to bring it all together. I wrapped it up in a parchment to be a little extra- it made it fun! And don’t forget the Agua de Jamaica- a Mexican favorite that rivals Horchata. It is basically hibiscus flower tea with water and some sugar if desired. Hope this gives you some healthy and fun inspiration as you’re cooking more at home. I love that this wrap is handheld and makes you and your family feel extra special. Check the Live video right now. I’ll post the recipe and video soon on . Happy almost Cinco de Mayo! . #chickenbreast #healthymexicanfood #healthy #healthywrap #chickenwrap #mexicanchickenwrap #chipotle #chipotlemayo #wrap #cleaneats #tortilla #tortillagrande #simplecooking #simplecookingcookingshow #aguadejamaica #aguadehorchata #hibiscustea #mexicanfood #cheflife #chef #mexicanchef #latina #latinas #lowcarb #lowcarbrecipes #chicken #chickenrecipes
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