The Ultimate Crispy Quesadilla with Connor.cooks | Recipes in the Quarantine

The other day, Connor.cooks joined me for our 5th show together on Instagram LIVE! For the Simple Cooking Cooking Show!

Always a fun time home cooking with Connor in the quarantine.

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We made Quesadillas (with a capital “Q”) and Connor showed me this really cool trick that yields the crispiest quesadilla. 
Connor is a millennial dad who cooks for his young son and very pregnant wife. He shares all his recipes on his Instagram stories like his famous Shrimp Scampi with Beer and Smashburgers. Give him a follow to see it all! @connor.cooks
So, all his recipes have to be kid and family-friendly. This is yet another one of his go-to recipes when he’s in a pinch. The quesadilla serves as a meal, especially how he serves it with all the fixings- pickled cabbage, salsa, fresh herbs. 
So, as Connor says, “Let me show you how I make this!”
Read below for that crispy trick Connor taught me. 
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Quesadilla for one


  • 1 flour tortilla
  • Couple tablespoons cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, even goat cheese can work)
  • Side of pickled cabbage, onions, or side salad to make it a meal


1. Toast your tortilla on a nonstick pan for a minute or two until it becomes soft and just starting to get golden brown. Turn to heat both sides. Use a medium low heat. Don’t rush it. 
2. Then, add the cheese on one side of the tortilla and then close the tortilla. Cook until golden brown on both sides and cheese is melted in the middle. 

HERE’s the CRISPY trick: Put some extra cheese in the pan (need to use nonstick pan for this) and cook the cheese until golden brown, then place one side of the quesadilla on the melted cheese. 

3. Serve with your favorite fixings on the side. 
4. Wait to eat, as tempting as it may be- the cheese is SUPER hot. 

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