How to Make Tabuli with Chef Joanna

I’m humbled to share this video with you for Tabuli, directed and produced by the talented Tiago.

A couple months ago Tiago and I connected over Instagram and once we met we were on the same page! We love food and sharing the stories around food- especially international ones. (Tiago’s Brazilian)

This is the FIRST pilot of our endeavours together. We hope to sign on with some food brands or other things to produce more videos, and just have more fun with food.

It’s very special that the first recipe we produced was Tabuli, an Armenian recipe my grandma taught me. I choose it because I wanted her to be by my side in this next step of the journey. I can’t wait to tell more stories- my story and your stories, and connect more people over food. To speak of the hunger of connection, belonging and nurturing ourselves and one another. A great chef is not just an expert in food, but a master connector. That’s my goal at least! #recipevideo #foodproduction #tabuli #armenian #lachef

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