How to Make An Instagrammable Cheese Board for Valentines

Learn to make for Valentine’s Day and impress him or her! Here’s how….

How to make an Instagrammable cheese platter?

I’ll give it to you here since you’re reading.. .

Any time you design a cheese board, remember the concept of “waterfall” or “cascade” 💦this gives flow and order to your board and the eyes know exactly where to go. In turn it makes it all the more aesthetically pleasing. .

Step 1: Start from the top with a mound of grapes or dried fruit.


Step 2: then start with the hard cheeses. Align them but keep them in order. Lay the first type down in a fan diagonally under the grapes. Then, shimmy the next cheese on top, and then another on top. Now all the hard cheeses are cascading down.


Step 3:

Now fill in the sides with some cubed cheese, crackers, dried fruit or nuts.


Step 4:

Put the blue cheese and soft cheeses at the bottom. When cut they may ooze and give a greater affect to your cascade!


Notes: To select cheese, get about 3 hard ones, 1 blue and one soft one like brie. I added cubes of cheddar to add more abundance and cube shape to make it interesting. .

Hope it helps! If you make one from this post, please tag me! @chefjoannas

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