Healthy breakfasts that will inspire you to add more vegetables to your morning


If you’re already a vegetable eater, you probably know how to incorporate veggies into your breakfast with the trending classics, shakshouka, smoothies, frittatas, or even hash. 

But, maybe you’re looking for some more inspired ways, maybe to expand your horizons a bit in your morning routine. Congratulations! Being curious is feeling alive. 
Here are some short descriptions of healthy breakfasts around the world. Feel free to click on the links that will take you to the recipe. They are not my recipes, but I made sure they were quality ones. 
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Healthy Breakfasts Around the World

1. In Nepal, they eat fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, red bean everything, vegetable and potato soups, curries and rice for breakfast
Chicken Curry under $10
Photo credit: That Frugal Foodie
Rajma (Kidney Bean Curry)
Photo credit: all recipes
2. In Vietnam, they eat mung bean pancakes and fold them up with leafy greens, peppers and other veggies
Crispy Vietnamese Pancakes
Photo credit: Lazy Cat Kitchen
3. In France you can find galettes (savoury crepes). Not traditional, but a great idea is to stack them up like a crepe cake with layers of vegetables and sauce in between. For example, add roasted pumpkin and fennel in a spicy tomato sauce, alternate with sautéed spinach and mushrooms in a creamy sauce. It may take time to prepare, but it will serve you for the week. Just cut a wedge with piece of fruit for breakfast, or for any meal really. 
Savory crepe with mushroom and spinach
Photo credit: sweet as honey
Savory crepe cake with mushrooms
Photo credit: Smitten Kitchen
4. Zucchini butter. I don’t know what countrymen or woman invented this but it’s a great idea. Just cook down grated zucchini with some garlic and then spread it on toast whenever. Some cherry tomatoes on top would be great too. 
Zucchini Butter
Photo credit: Jennie Cook
5. If you go to Iceland and stay at a bed and breakfast, you’ll find the central-continental European breakfast foods. Fresh cut cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and slices of cheese, boiled egg, pickled vegetable (often sauerkraut but also beets and celery root). Serve with cracker bread or krisprolls. Meat and fish eaters with find soused herring, smoked fish, and/or sliced meats. 
Photo credit:
6. In Mexico, you’ll find homemade salsa fresca on over easy eggs. Beans usually accompany the dish. 
Scrambled Eggs with Lazy Salsa
Photo credit: Kitchn
7. In Israel, a typical breakfast includes salad (yes, salad), low fat soft cheese, whole wheat or rye bread. It’s very similar to the Serbian breakfast pictured at the beginning of the post. I can tell you it’s a delicious, light way to start your day. You don’t have to worry so much the rest of the day about getting your 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables. You got most of them in before noon!
Israeli Breakfast
Photo credit:
8. In Egypt and the middle east, you’ll find ful mudammas, or stewed fava beans with spices like cumin, fresh herbs, and lemon juice, probably served with bread. 
Ful Mudammas
Photo credit: Tori Avey
Tori Avey’s recipe for Ful Mudammas
Hope you were inspired to step outside your comfort zone and try on a new veggie, or preparation. Thanks for visiting. 

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