The Secret to Add Instant Whole Grain to Processed Foods

Always wondering how to one-up your meals? How to make them a little more nutritious?

I write this because sometimes I just want to wake up and make an old-fashioned muffin or pancake recipe, with good ol’ white flour. Every once in a while it’s okay. . . at least I think.

But, even better, what if there is a super easy way to add instant whole grains to your favorite breakfast muffin?

There is!

It’s Ground Flaxseed!

What I love about flaxseed is that it keeps for months in the fridge. It doesn’t really change the flavor of things (a little nuttiness), and 1 Tablespoon on your favorite breakfast treat can up the nutrition from plain old white, processed flour, to some WHOLE GRAIN 🙂

I love adding Ground Flaxseed to pancakes, muffins, toast.

Although this is not a permanent solution to a processed diet, it provides at least more nutrition than plain white flour; flaxseed contains healthy fats to stabilize your blood sugar longer, and some fiber so your body processes the occasional treat better. 
Flaxseed provides some protein, healthy Omega-3 oils, soluble fiber, which lead to great health benefits like lower cholesterol.

Check out some of the awesome WHOLE GRAIN recipes here, and some recipes that you can top with Flaxseed. 

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