5 Easy Ways To Instantly Get Healthier Today

As the end of January approaches, some of our New Year’s resolutions may be up for debate (what resolutions?) Habits can be hard to break. But, success with anything is a series of small steps, small achieve-able steps that lead to bigger and bigger results.

These 5 tips are ways to keep you thinking and acting like the healthy, balanced person you (and I) want to be. They are simple to do, but consistency is key. The more we do them, the more they will become habits.

Cheers to living a healthy and balanced life!

1. Eat Less – “Hara Hachi Bu” (Japanese principle) 

Eat until you are just 80% full. Eat your meals slowly so you can assess when you are actually full. Listening to our bodies is step one in living a balanced life. Recent Studies show that Japanese children are the healthiest and will live longest in the world. Read the article here

2. Substitute Fruit for Sweets. 

In many healthy cultures, sweets and treats are indulged in occasionally. Certainly not every day- which sometimes seems normal in America. If you have a sweet tooth, opt for fruits that contain natural sugars and come with added fiber, which buffers the affect of sugar on our bodies a bit.

Try oranges, berries, apple with a dollop of whipped cream, maple syrup, or chocolate sauce- just a little!

Chocolate dipped Apricots

3. Walk for 15 minutes after eating a meal.

Walking helps digestion and will make you feel less bloated and lighter. It will give you energy. Get that metabolism going!

4. Eat a Salad for Lunch. 

It’s so important to add RAW fruits and vegetables to your diet, because cooking can destroy some nutrients. Add a salad to your day and you are set!

5. Eat Soup for dinner. 

Soup is on of the best meals you can have. It fills you up, while it is mostly water- and it is full of nutrients. Of course, I am not talking about the cream based soups, but vegetable based.

Start with Carrot Ginger Soup, or Tuscan Bean Soup.

That’s your 5 healthy tips for today. No need for restrictive diets when you have healthy habits!

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