Some easy to sprout sunflower seeds. Grown in reused take-out food container. Styrofoam container. keep lid. Poke holes in top portion lid with fork for water to drain. 
Starts like this only after a few days of watering
Baby Arugula grown from seed

Repurposed K-cups. After removing coffee grounds, the filter and hole in each K-cup makes it perfect for growing seeds. Throw the coffee grounds into your compost or soil for extra nutrients. Below are some sprouts of arugula and cauliflower. 
 Some Daikon sprouts
 Venice, CA sunflowers

With all the talk of Monsanto, I am more encouraged each day to grown my own organic food. I just began sprouting seeds a month ago and have been amazed by the immediate results. Imagine having fresh greens in your home at any time of the year, no matter the weather. The nutrition of freshly cut greens just can’t be beat. I’m excited to begin the journey into the world of sprouts and growing food in an urban environment. Hopefully, it can improve our communities too. “You grow this, I’ll grow that, then we’ll all eat together”- kind of thing. 
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