Mediterranean Cracked Wheat and Lemon Herb Salad 
A Holiday Tradition in my home

Just spinach, egg, and onions make this easy go-to side and family favorite
great in a sandwich the next day


make fajitas on your panini grill. 

first grill your chicken, then throw on all the veggies.  grilled onions are divine

most guys dream
perfect for any party


made for Presidents day and seems to be an All-american favorite


Intimading name to say, but simple. Flour dusted chicken with tomatoes, olives and chicken broth


Simple style noodles in a bowl with Pan-fried salmon
a hint of spice to them


The best for Last

peanut butter and jelly. an american favorite.
 you can’t go wrong for breakfast, dessert, or snack
a juicy peach with nonfat yogurt. this picture teases
deep red berries and sauce with the crunch of a cornmeal topping.
seductive in itself
little wrapped packages of filo that crisp up and put “pop-tarts” to shame

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