Announcing New Cookbook! "The Wellness Kitchen"

This new cookbook is set to be released on Amazon on December 18, 2014, a perfect gift for those aspiring healthy cooks out there!
I had the pleasure to work on this cookbook with the team at the California Health & Longevity Institute at the Four Seasons Spa. I can say first hand that it is a very useful and well-designed book. With pictures for almost every recipe, and info on “Pantry Basics for a Healthy Diet,” it’s just enough facts, and just enough fun to fit into your next go-to cookbook. International inspired recipes by the dietician-chef, Paulette Lambert, makes cooking your next meal a no brainer~ they are all healthy!

This is NOT a diet book, and was made by people who travel and love food. Rather than restricting any certain food group, The Wellness Kitchen philosophy takes the more balanced approach which  always wins in the long run! In any case, I had fun working on it, so I know you or your friends and family will have a fun time cooking from it in 2015 🙂

Cheers to good health & happiness 
for the New Year,

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