Pasta di pomodori

I have been trying to create a red tinted pasta, but this attempt was a little unsuccessful, in color at least. The flavor and texture were good, but the red hue was too washed out by the flour’s whiteness. I pureed and strained some tomato juice and mixed in some tomato paste to get red, but was afraid too much tomato paste may make the pasta too bitter. Next time, more tomato paste. Anyway, the pasta was fun to make as usual, and fun to taste of course. Here are a few pictures.

I mix a blend of half white flour and half semolina for a fine textured pasta.
Then, I added the tomato juice, paste, and 1 egg. I mix with a fork incorporating the liquid slowly into the flours until its all combined. Then, I added a bit more liquid to make a soft dough.
I wrapped the dough in plastic wrap for 30 minutes so it can absorb all the moisture.
Then, I roll the dough out until it looks like a fine pashmina scarf.

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