Pavlova with Berry Sauce

My friend, Silvana told me about Pavlova’s she had in Australia. They are crisp little meringues, but soft in the inside filled usually with whipped cream and plenty of fruit. I have never had it before, but this recipe is a take on that idea. Here, I made a meringue nest, and then topped it with a simple tart berry sauce. I added a few fresh, and local berries at the end. Golden raspberries really made this dessert pop. It was delicious, even if it lived up to its technical name or not, so its definitely on the repeat list.

The meringues were baked at 200 F for 2 hrs, then dried in the oven, turned off, overnight.
I made some with chocolate chips and plain underneath. I’d say an addicting snack with coffee or espresso.
A sweet and summery delight…
and the best part is cracking into the meringue and then sampling the plump berries

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