Ethopian Shredded Chicken Tacos

This is probably my favorite fusion dish I have created. I never knew that Ethopian and Mexican cultures could be so tasty together.

Here I slow-cooked onions and tomatoes in chicken broth, in a large pan. I simmered the mixture and let it reduce down. Then, I added shredded chicken and “berberrie” (need to check the spelling), an Ethopian staple and complexity of African spices. Finally, I warmed up some corn tortillas and spooned some spicy chicken into the warm tortillas. I can’t even begin to tell you how tasty these tacos were and the spicy aromas that filled the air. They were much like classic spicy chicken tacos where the chicken has been marinating for hours in spices like cumin, pepper, garlic, chile, and tomatoes. This was great because it was so quick but with all the flavors I would get from a great marinade.

Thanks to Elly, Tati, and their mother in giving me these amazing exotic spices and giving me some guidance in cooking Ethopian!

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