Superfood Soup

Spinach is a supreme superfood. It has a high level of antioxidants and other nutrients that help fight various cancers, and many other diseases. The trick is not to overcook or do to much to the spinach to retain the great benefits of this superfood. I decided to make a really green soup to ring… Continue reading Superfood Soup

Spinach Patties: Frozen vegetables

Ever since graduating from culinary school, everybody wants to know what kind of feast I make for the holidays.  Surprisingly, I don’t make the holiday feasts. I still let my Mom take over because I love her food and love traditions. When I was sixteen I started to prepare this dish on the holidays.Its made… Continue reading Spinach Patties: Frozen vegetables

Fusilli with Spinach

Rummaging through some vegan blogs, I came across the name, Green Goddess Bowl, which is a cute description for this dish. Kathy’s recipe and blog are worth taking a look at. But, this is not a vegan dish. I’m not sure if I could ever give up my love for pecorino and parmigiano cheese alone.… Continue reading Fusilli with Spinach