How to become a digital nomad

So, you’re tired of your 9-5pm. You catch glimpses of your friends or Instagrammers globetrotting the world and working in cafes on the beach and you wonder to yourself, “What the heck am I doing here, in this ugly cubicle?” You crave growth and change, and you want to work for a company whose values… Continue reading How to become a digital nomad

How to write feedback to get 5 apples on VIPKID

So you know that ratings are important and you are trying to get your base of regulars. You can appease parents many ways (with your background, your looks, your patience), but parents really love good, constructive feedback.  I know when I was getting started, this was something I really struggled with. I was booking 4-5… Continue reading How to write feedback to get 5 apples on VIPKID

Digital Nomad Checklist: Top 10 Things to Pack

If you can take more, I would pack: Chef’s knife Immersion blender Roost Laptop stand More wrinkle-free shirts Small nonstick pan Multivitamin Universal converter More on digital nomad life: My VIPKID journey around the world 5 Top Trending Health Foods 4 Hot Diets Explained