The 6 FREE Plant-Based Resources I Use as a Healthy Chef

I do a lot of meal prep for families who are eating less meat. 
Sometimes I need inspiration to keep the menus fun and fresh each week. So, the resources below are my go-to’s when I’m out of creative ideas. 
I hope they help you get more inspired too! Here are my favorites. 

My favorite go-to for recipes

Purple carrot

I started using their meal kits and love all their international fusion recipes. It makes plant-based recipes more fun than just roasted veggies or quinoa bowls. One of my favorites is Coconut Tofu with Crunchy Date Slaw. 
Purple Carrot

Simple, easy, international

Blue Zones website 

If you love to travel like me, you’ll get your international fix from the Blue Zones. The Blue Zones are places in the world where people live 90 to 100 free of disease. So these recipes come from Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Japan and Loma Linda, California. I’ve made many of these recipes. They are simple to make and they come out well. Sometimes I add a bit more salt or spices because they are that simple. But in the Blue Zones they have flavourful fresh herbs they have on hand to flavor dishes so it makes sense they don’t need too many spices or salt.

Best for plant-based classics

Forks over knives

You might have heard of Forks Over Knives because they have a magazine and made a movie. Their website is easy to use and their recipes are simple. If you are just getting started eating more healthy, there’s a great website to get started. Here is 10 of their best recipes:
Forks Over Knives

Quick and no-fuss recipes 

Engine 2 diet

This diet was created by Rip Esselstyn, a former fire fighter. Supposedly fire fighters have high rates of heart attacks so he decided to focus on his diet to prevent disease. The recipes on his site look easy and simple but could use better photos sometimes. I like to get ideas from there. They are quick and a bit heavy-handed for me. But, with a feminine touch they could be given the spotlight. 

Chef Cynthia Louise

I found her on YouTube and love her laid back energy and style. She is a trained chef and makes the beautiful food you want to jump into the screen and eat. 
She’s based in Bali so sometimes she uses too much coconut for me, but her recipes are fantastic overall. You can find her recipes in the YouTube description of the videos. I’ve tried many of them and they turn out well. I even bought her book, Plant-based Love stories. 

T. Colin Campbell

Dr.Campbell became well-known from working on the China Study book. It basically says that the Chinese who didn’t drink milk and eat lots of meat were healthier because of that. He has given Ted talks on the vegan diet and they became very popular. 
His website has over 500 recipes and there are easy to use filters if you want gluten-free or low-sugar recipes etc. I have only tried some breakfast recipes but there are many different internation foods that look fun to try. 

Keep Cookin’

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