Moroccan cooking: Caring for your first Tagine

Vegetable tagine cooking

Getting your first Tagine is a moment to be remembered. But, it is a bit like a pet and needs to be cared for. 

First, soak the tagine overnight in enough water to cover it like a big bucket. 
Season tagine. This means brushing it with oil and baking it to seal the clay and prevent future cracking. 
Brush tagine inside with olive oil and paper towel. 
Then, bake in oven at 325 F for 2 hours. Turn off oven and let cool. 
Now, it is ready to use. 
Always use a diffuser on a stovetop to spread heat out and prevent direct heat to tagine which would cause cracking. 
To wash, don’t use soap. Use baking powder and vinegar with plenty of warm water. Soap will impart flavors so if you use any, use it sparingly. 
Brush it with oil when you store it. 
Some discoloration or blackening is okay- that’s the seasoning you want. 

Soaking Tagine in water overnight

“Seasoning” tagine in oven for 2 hours

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