Best eats Los Angeles

Best Middle Eastern:
Panini Beverly Hills

Don’t bother looking elsewhere. You will find a variety of hummus, sandwiches, plates of chicken kebabs and more here. Food is always fresh and large portions are always served. I haven’t had a bad dish here. It is always bustling with people and consistently high quality. If you love middle eastern food, try this place.
9601 N Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Most famous:
Tito’s Tacos

I don’t usually eat deep-fried tacos but I grew up with Tito’s Tacos. It’s in Culver City and I often go on our way back from the airport. Go anytime of day and there will be a line. It’s simple, they are deep-fried beef tacos with lettuce and cheese. Their salsa on top is the best, and always the chips. It’s been the same every since I have gone, 20 years or more. There is something comforting about that. If I am going to eat fast food, I will only eat In n out or Tito’s. Visit the LA landmark.
Tito’s Tacos
11222 Washington Pl, Culver City, CA 90230

Best Chinese:
Hop Li West Los Angeles

I think I could eat at this place once a week. You can change up dishes and leftovers are always delicious. They have an extensive menu and I can’t say I have had a bad dish. My favorites are mango chicken, slippery shrimp, seafood soup, and steamed white fish with ginger and green onion. You will find the classics, as well as others. Service is always fast and attentive and it’s in a great area of West LA- convenient for people to come from the east or west side of LA.
Hop Li
10974 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Best Cafe to meet friends:
Urth Cafe Santa Monica

One of my all-time favorite places in Los Angeles. Eat breakfast or lunch and then walk to the beach. You will find amazing tea lattes, huge desserts, salads and sandwiches that are so fresh. This is a bustling place but pretty big. Come for a matcha latte and dessert or homemade soup and salad. It’s comforting and the service is always great.
Urth Cafe
2327 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405
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