3 free websites to cheap and healthy meal planning

You’ve heard it before do you really believe it: “Eating healthy doesn’t have to be pricey or complicated”

I’m sure you’ve proven this wrong a number of times. Lots of times you go shopping for the healthy recipe, make it and it tastes great, but go over budget and are left with “random crap” in your refrigerator that you don’t know how to use. 
On the other hand, if you go the simple route, you are left eating healthy, but wanting more. You want to keep things interesting, yet simple. 
The good thing is that there are a ton of free websites and apps out there that can help you meal plan the right way. 
If you want to save time and loose weight, these websites can help you. 

1. Eatthismuch.com

The most user-friendly, easy on the eyes. It also gives the estimated cost. This is by far my favorite website to use on this list. With lots of diet options, you can go back and forth from vegetarian to keto or mediterranean easily. 

2. StrongrFastr

A great easy-to-use site that lets you customize your calories. It also includes the price, too!

3. F45challenge

You do have to create an account to view the meal plans, but it’s free. Great pictures and full recipes in a week-by-week layout. Printable recipes and shopping lists included. 

4. Mealime

It’s worth mentioning. This is not a website, but a very helpful app to download on your phone. One reviewer even said it “saved our marriage” because ingredients and directions were clearly laid out. This app is for an inexperienced healthy cook so you can begin to cook alone with confidence. You can also check the ingredients off easily when you’re at home or in the grocery store. No need for pricey meal prep kits. This way you can save money and choose your own meals. 
I don’t have any affiliate links or marketing with these apps. Just trying share some helpful links. 

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