Pass your Level 2 certification for VIPKID While Traveling

My Experience

I have been traveling and working for VIPKID for over 7 months now and have learned a lot of things the hard way! I want to share some tips with you so that you don’t have to stress as much passing interviews and doing demos. 

Especially while traveling, there are added challenges to becoming a great and highly requested VIPKID teacher. 
Here are the top tips on passing your interviews from notes that VIPKID mentors sent to me. 
On passing Level 2 certification: 

We would like to share this information with you and provide some suggestions to help prevent future negative parent feedback related to Level 2, Unit 1. The most common issues expressed were related to stagingTPR & demonstrationenergy level, and the language used in class.

The full list includes: 

  1. Use TPR and demonstrations *See list below for TPR
  2. Less incidental language
  4. Student engagement, – reward system is visible, props
  5. Energy level HIGH
  6. Patience/wait time
  7. Professional setting—No overhead lighting and shadows etc- look scary
  8. SPEAK slowly and SING Slowly- one line at a time- underline words has you sing**student cannot read independently 
  9. Add profile shot (turn your head to the side) to make those sounds so kid can see mouth movements
  10. Don’t go monotone

More on TPR

TPR= Total Physical Response. Basically means being super animated with your face, hands, and gestures. 
Here are the TPR basics to keep in mind. If you have great TPR, use it A LOT and allow for student wait time, you will most likely ace the interview. 
  1. Finger counting
  2. CLAPPING sentence patterns
  4. Dimension- go close and far from the camera to make engaging

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