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Kitchen Sink Cookies | Unique and Different Cookies

Today I had the pleasure of baking with Nate Bakes for the first time! This isn’t a healthy recipe or even trying to be. But, I wanted to highlight Nate because he is a young, talented baker doing awesome things.


He told me how he’s really improved his baking during the pandemic- baking things like chocolate eclairs and expertly decorated cakes. But, he doesn’t just bake- he raises money for those in need! He funded 25+ meals for people who don’t have access to food through the sales of his chocolate chip cookies. Now, that’s putting baking skills to good use! I’m very impressed. I can’t wait to see where Nate takes his baking skills next.


Today we make the Kitchen Sink cookie- both of us made it for the first time. Like the name- it’s like a chocolate chip cookie, but has “everything but the kitchen sink” in it, from chocolate chips to potato chips. We both really liked the pretzels in it. That salty-sweet combo always hits the spot.


Thank you Nate for baking with me and sharing your story. Follow Nate to see what he’s baking up next!=> @nates_bakes_


The recipe we did is linked here:

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