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What to Cook When You Don't Know How: Adulting 101

Are you tired of eating out? Feeling guilty for not knowing how to cook?

(It’s not your fault. Most of us millennials never got Home EC classes.)

You can continue to feel lousy about your diet, become Postmates best friend, or you can learn some new skills in just 4 weeks and change your life forever.

NOW LAUNCHING Cooking 101: Learn the Basics.

If you are scared to step in the kitchen, poison people with your food, or can only cook 2 meals for yourself – this class is for you!

Grab a glass of wine for this class. If you’re not having fun cooking, then it’s just another “class”. …boring

Meet some people who want to have fun too. Learn to cook more healthy, time manage in the kitchen, and make Insta-grammable meals. By the end you will be able to host a dinner party. Yes! You!

Check out the class details by clicking on the Link below!
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