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What’s Your Cooking Question?

Hey Friend, 
It’s me Chef Joanna. 
I’ve had a few people ask me: 
  • “How do I make meals vegetarian friendly?”
  • “How can I fit more homemade meals into my busy schedule?”
And some people just want to be more confident making a simple dinner for their family with the upcoming holidays. 
So my questions to you are: 
  • “How can I help you become more comfortable in the kitchen?”
  • “What are the biggest questions you have around food or cooking?”
I’d love to respond to your questions and include them in next post. I hope this is a great way to help you get in the kitchen more often and channel your inner chef. 
Reply with your top question and I’ll be sure to answer it. 
Talk to you soon 🙂 
Chef Joanna
P.S. I’ll be having some upcoming cooking classes if you or a friend would like to join.
Click here for upcoming spots.  
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