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How to write feedback to get 5 apples on VIPKID

So you know that ratings are important and you are trying to get your base of regulars. You can appease parents many ways (with your background, your looks, your patience), but parents really love good, constructive feedback. 

I know when I was getting started, this was something I really struggled with. I was booking 4-5 hours back-to-back at times which didn’t leave me much time to write reviews in between. By the time I was finished teaching, all the kids blended together, and I didn’t have anything constructive to say, besides “Joey did great!”

Parent’s are paying top dollar for these courses and I don’t blame them that they want quality feedback so they can practice with their kids at home. 

I want to share my technique for doing lots of classes and having little time to write feedback. Once I systemized my process, it was less stressful for me, and I was constantly giving high quality feedback. I think good feedback was responsible for getting me 5 apple ratings and a lot of trial to new student conversions.

So, now you probably want to know the technique! 

Here’s the secret. . . . .

Once you implement this process, get ready to get those high ratings, requests from parents, and trial to new student conversions!!


How to write the best feedback

Open the “notes tab” or a “Word doc” on your computer and keep this window open, but small on your screen. Right when you finish the class, jot down notes. The most important notes are:

1. Name (sometimes names are different than display name)
2. Time of class
3. Girl or boy (so you can say he or she)
4. Any features that help you remember the student like big smile, glasses, high energy
5. Skill level
6. What they did great in (be as specific as possible)
7. What they need help in
8. How they responded to your reward system i.e. Loves ice cream reward

Here are some sample notes, so you can see what I mean. I didn’t even correct the spelling. This is a 30sec-1min jot down of information before you enter the next classroom. It was always enough for me to go back and write a full and complete feedback report.

I like to go back to my notes when I write the feedback, having both windows open. I then write “DONE” to notify myself that the feedback was written and submitted on the VIPKID portal.

You can see a sample feedback that I submitted at the bottom. Remember to be constructive, but always keep it positive and encouraging 🙂

If I was a mom or dad, I would want to receive this comprehensive feedback!

gile 8 yrs
great blending
can read a little
identifuied all family members
excellent phonics
work very hard at song at end
lots of fun and sweet DONE

;smiled when got reward
knows ocean and sea
learned lobster and octopus
likes starfish and octopus
great job reading
great job question and answer comprehension
great bigger and smaller
practice “th” sound like thought
learned the questions with “when”
animal reward

very beginner
cannot read independently yet but can identify words like “I” “a” “the” “and”
learned I am happy and I am fine
can answer question indecently about himself
work on counting numbers, needs review
worked a lot on pronunciation
VIPKID school
ice cream reward

Feedback to parents: 

Guo did an excellent job in class today. Her reading skills and pronunciation are very good. Today, she learned about animals and how to say complete sentences like “This is a pig” or “No, it isn’t”. She did a great job using complete sentences. Next class, we can continue to review words that end in “ill” and “ell”. This is a difficult sound for many students to understand. Overall, she moved through the class quickly because she is smart. She corrected herself and learned quickly. She was a true pleasure to teach! Thank you for our time in the classroom! Hope to see you again soon. 

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